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About Us


Jeanette Svedberg

Runs several aesthetic clinics around Sweden. She is a popular therapist and best known for her very sophisticated, calm and beautiful treatments in the aesthetic beauty industry. Furthermore, the skin care series JS by Scandinavia was developed mainly with the idea in mind for her very conscious customers. Today, the skin care brand has reached out big and become popular.

Her great interest in beauty and fashion has also led to various collaborations far beyond Sweden’s borders.


Quality Products

Skincare should be effective but gentle, it should give results but care tenderly and above all give well-being. We expose our skin to stress daily, weather, wind, sun, heat, and cold. makeup, powder, water, and dry.

JSbyScandinavia skincare stands for effective skin care with gentleness in focus. We want to help the skin in every way. Do not stress it, do not saturate it but nurture it and let it develop its softness, elasticity, luster, and glow.

Your skin also needs to be stressed down, taken care of, reach a calm, and JSbyScandinavia is happy to help you with that

To feel beautiful and above all to dare to be beautiful is an expression we like to use in both texts and our expressions in all our products from beautiful wonder to skin.

“Dare to be beautiful”


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