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Privacy policy

As registered with personal data with us, we would like to inform you that we, as a personal data controller, handle personal data as follows:

The personal data we handle on the registered are: to fulfill concluded agreements, fulfill legal obligations, marketing and risk management, profiling, product, business development that benefits the registered.

The legal bases we have as support for the personal data are: Agreement, fulfilling a legal obligation, consent, fundamental importance, public interest, impact assessment.

Personal data that requires consent/consent is voluntary in nature.

Thinning principle for handling registered personal data: We have an ongoing thinning (cleaning) of personal data that is not supported as above.

As a registered user, you always have the right to request an extract from the register of your personal data.

The data subject has the right to inform the personal data controller that the personal data is incorrect, then the personal data controller will correct data that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.


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